Phonics is the method we use to teach reading. It is based upon decoding words by segmenting and blending the phonemes in words to read them. We follow the one of the accredited DfE’s systematic synthetics phonics programme. This is the Little Wandle Revised Letters and Sounds.  Extensive research tells us that it is the most effective method used to teach reading.

We understand that there may be parents and carers who have a limited understanding of phonics and our aim is to help everyone to be able to support their children in their learning.  For further information, please follow this link and/or talk to your child's teacher.

Definition of terms:

Phonics - the 26 letters of the alphabet and combinations of these letters form 44 phonemes

Phoneme – the smallest unit of sound found within a word e.g. sh-u-t, h-igh

Segmenting – splitting a word into its sounds

Blending – putting sounds together to make a word

Digraph – two letters which create one sound e.g. ch, th, ee, ai

Trigraph – three letters which create one sound e.g. igh, ear, air

Grapheme – the written form of a sound


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