At Great Bradfords Infant and Nursery School, we believe that nurturing a child’s enjoyment of reading is key to them developing a life-long love for reading. We recognise reading is the single most important transferable skill that we can equip our children with. As a result, we are passionate about reading and getting that journey right for every child.

How we teach reading

Our children are taught reading skills through the use of extracts and carefully chosen texts, where teachers model the reading process. Reading takes place at every opportunity during the school day through DEAR time, story time, phonics lessons, playtimes/lunchtimes, English lessons and other curriculum subjects. We also invite adults in, to read with their children after school. Our children are read to by an adult every day and encouraging reading for pleasure is central to the high value we place on reading.  

The reading books which the children take home are carefully selected to match each child’s reading stage and consolidate their decoding and reading skills. To encourage our reading for pleasure ethos, every child also takes home a share book, which is a book of their choosing to share with somebody at home. A share book could be fictional or non-fiction and will often pique a particular interest. 

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