At Great Bradfords Infant and Nursery School we believe that every child is individual and unique and we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all. We are committed to developing cultures, policies and practices that are inclusive.

We have systems to identify when children have barriers affecting their learning and tailor specific interventions to enable pupils to overcome their barriers. This practice of personalising learning applies to all pupils across the learning spectrum including pupils who are identified as more academically able.

Special Educational Needs

All children at Great Bradfords Infant and Nursery School are seen as individuals regardless of need and are taught with this in mind. Any learning difficulties are identified at an early age and appropriate measures are put in place so that, with the right support, children can fully access the curriculum at an appropriate level. A policy for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities is available at the school.  If you have any concerns, queries or questions regarding SEND, please contact the school's SENCO, Jane Roach (

Able and Talented

More able and particularly gifted children are identified at an early age so that we can ensure there is sufficient challenge in the curriculum. Expectations are consistently high across the school and children are encouraged to be independent thinkers and learners and to have enquiring minds.

English as an Additional Language

Children’s home or first language is celebrated at school and it is important that parents continue to encourage their child to continue to develop their skills in their first/home language. In school children are supported in a variety of ways so that they can access the curriculum; build positive relationships with their peers and teachers and gain a greater understanding and use of English.

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