School uniform can be purchased from your local supermarket or if you would prefer the logo branded uniform please order online from www.schooltrends.co.uk or  www.myclothing.com.

Boys     Girls

White polo shirt

Grey trousers or shorts

Royal blue jumper or Great Bradfords sweatshirt

Black shoes


 White polo shirt/white blouse

Grey skirt, pinafore, shorts or trousers

Royal blue gingham school dress (summer)

Royal blue cardigan/jumper or Great Bradfords cardigan/sweatshirt

Black shoes


PE Kit       

Rocket T-Shirt

Black shorts

Plimsolls optional for indoor PE (not laced)              

Trainers for outdoor PE

Black or Navy tracksuit for outdoor PE

Named PE bag


For safety reasons we ask that the children do not wear jewellery of any kind including earrings.                                                           


It would be helpful to your child and staff members if your child is able to independently dress themselves including putting on and taking off shoes, coats, tights, socks and other items of clothing.  Velcro and slip on shoes are more advisable as well as easy fastening on clothes.  Please also make sure that children’s shoes do not have long laces, which can be a trip hazard or get caught on climbing equipment.

Please mark your children’s clothes with their name, including shoes.

We also have some second hand uniform available on request.

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